Does a certified letter from the IRS mean an audit

This certified letter is mainly provided to business than to persons. The letter has its own rules such as it must be signed by the person receiving it so as to act as evidence to the government that there was some communication regarding the payment. The IRS is like an insurance firm that mainly deals with payment of several financial flds like tax and debts that you owe them. This letter must be taken with a lot of significantness since it acts as a reminder of the installments you are required to settle with IRS.Many people ask does a certified letter from the IRS mean an audit, yes it does due to the fact it has an audit training of action which conducts millions of audits on tax return annually. The IRS has an audit that enables them to investigate and ensure that all the taxes have been settled and results are done correctly.

There are some letters from IRS that are not certified and this happens when the issues arising are not that significant. But once you receive a certified letter from IRS you must take special and effective attention. There are a variety of types of this letters that one may receive; reminder notice that is mainly issued if you owe them money, notice of amount due this is about the taxes that you need to pay and the penalty you may face if you fail to pay, and once a taxpayer does not adhere to this letters they are issued with final letter of intent to levy, under this situation the irs has the authority to spot a levy against you and here comes the most asked query by tax payers ,does a certified letter from the irs mean an audit and off study course it is due to the fact it has the mandate of investigating your debts and calculating the amount of money you owe them in form of tax.

If you receive a certified letter from irs and you have no idea on how to go about you are required to consult, an experienced tax attorney at law to manual you on what steps you ought to take.irs indicates an audit due to the fact it does a lot of money checking in terms of taxes one is required to pay or to be deducted. The audit acts as the backbone of the IRS as, it does most of the work that involves tax in this field we have auditors, CPA agents and attorneys. Their main work is to ensure that the taxes are well calculated and the IRS does not make any typing errors to the kinds presented to the taxpayer. If such a error happens you are required to apply to the IRS inside 60 days indicating the added tax. This has happened to many taxpayers and they have remained silent . It is your right as a taxpayer to complain if you find any suspicious tax you ought to consult the expert tax payers agents and if the matter becomes worse you ought to enchantment to the tax court.